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Boho Extraordinaire

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Those of you that happen to find, or stumble across my website, should know that the
treasures you will encounter are a reflection of a bohemian soul.
Everything you will come across on this page are more than just items, they are ideas and
visions that will enhance your life through their beauty. They are treasures that tell stories,
each and one of them.
Bohemian boutique came to life through the love I have for everything that is unique and
I wanted to share with the world all my finds and creations and I hope they will bring
happiness to you as they have for me.
Starting from wood and driftwood sculptures, paintings, tapestries, crystals and minerals,
furniture, lighting to plant-art and jewellery, there is something for everyone.
Happy shopping bohemians. Xxx

The wings of your imagination will set you free! “

~ Bianca Goddard